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Benefits of Heating Oil Plus

Huhtala Oil & Propane sells only premium home heating oil that is specially formulated to burn cleaner and more efficiently than standard #2 heating oil. We buy Heating Oil Plus already blended and deliver it to your door.

Heating Oil Plus is treated with a carefully balanced group of active ingredients that help avoid nozzle, strainer and filter plugging.

  • Heating Oil Plus doesn't break down and create sludge in storage, or in your tank.

  • Our customers experience far fewer service calls because of "No Heat" issues.

  • The premium quality and cleaner burning of our heating oil means less buildup and longer life to the components of your heating system.

Oil and Propane Delivery

At Huhtala Oil & Propane, we install, service and sell quality oil & propane gas equipment and complete heating systems. Check out our delivery options, payment plans, and other services.

Delivery Options


Automatic Delivery:

  • This delivery feature helps prevent you from running out of oil or gas to heat your home. After an initial scheduled delivery, we closely monitor your fuel intake and assess the factors that contribute to your unique consumption rate. These variable components, such as the size of your home and number of residents, all contribute to your “K factor, a figure that reflects your usage tendencies. We also track local weather forecasts and degree days, an approximation of daily temperatures in your area. Our computer program predicts your delivery schedule using the weather and temperature information and your personal K factor. . Automatic delivery is a hassle-free, worry-free approach to your oil and gas refilling needs, and it is available at no extra cost.

  • **While these methods are a historically proven way to predict fuel consumption, please remember there are always exceptions to the rule so it is recommended that you take a look at your tank(s) from time to time!

  • COD Plan:

  • With the cash on delivery plan, you call our office whenever you need an oil delivery or propane gas refill and we will respond promptly with our radio dispatched fuel trucks. This is a good option for people who travel often or for second homes, in which fuel consumption is not consistent. The drawback of this plan is that you must keep track of weather conditions and other variables as well as your personal usage habits. Please keep in mind that the COD plan is not for individuals that have busy schedules, because you may forget to order fuel and run out at a crucial time. Also, you must be present to pay when the fuel is delivered. If you feel that you can best judge when you need fuel refills due to erratic consumption or budgeting/conservation efforts, this is the plan for you; otherwise, we recommend enrolling in Automatic Delivery.

Prompt Pay Discount:

We offer a discount for payments received within 10 days of your home heating oil delivery. We appreciate your business, and your timely payments allow us to streamline our internal functions and serve you better! Call to inquire about the prompt payment discount.

SmartPay Budget Plan

Get peace-of-mind with regular, affordable monthly payments for your oil heat. Because 75% of home heating oil consumption happens during the four winter months, it can be hard on a household budget to pay large bills right around holiday time. Using your past year’s usage we can custom design your budget to help you manage your heating costs. All budget plans start in May and provide 11 equal monthly payments (9 month payment plans also available). As a budget plan customer, you always receive the best price with automatic, same-as-cash discounts year round when your oil is delivered.


Here’s how a Budget Plan works.

Using past years records we estimate the annual gallons you may use. We then multiply your estimated gallons times the average price forecast for the coming year. Now that we have estimated your annual cost, we simply divide by the number of monthly payments. It’s that easy!

Joining a budget plan is easy. Give us a call at 978-632-1221 or use the Contact us form here on our web site. We’ll do all the work to calculate and send you a detailed Budget Plan customized for your home.


Budget Plans normally start every May. Think how happy you will be that you chose to pay even monthly payments during the cold winter months.

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