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Service is our top priority

When you choose Huhtala Oil & Propane as your fuel supplier, 24-hour emergency service comes standard. That means our heating equipment technicians are only a phone call away around the clock. When you contact us after hours, there is always someone on the other end to help. 

Experience makes the difference

Because our diverse crew of technicians are licensed and trained to to install and maintain whole-home heating systems, they have the knowledge to efficiently and effectively fix your problem, and get your system back to what it is supposed to be doing...keeping you warm and comfortable

Annual maintenance

Keeping it clean will save you money. As little as 1/8 of an inch of soot insulates as well as an inch of fiberglass, making it harder and less fuel-efficient for your system to heat your home or residence. The simple act of tuning your system up with an annual cleaning will increase your heat efficiency, decreasing your actual fuel consumption over the long run.  Request a service now

Maintain year round efficiency

Regardless of temperature our service technicians are busy year round. That’s because every Huhtala Oil & Propane Service Plan includes a no-cost annual tune up —to keep your propane or oil heating system running safely and effectively. Clean and tuned heating systems burn fuel more efficiently, reducing heating costs up to 5%. Staying ahead of the curve in the spring and summer helps keep your system running in tip top shape during the cold winter months when you rely on it most.  Learn more here

Our Services

- Premium Heating Fuels

- Propane Delivery

- Kerosene

- Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel

- Off-Road Diesel

- Specialty Lubricants

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Today's cash price for 150 gallons or more of heating oil plus is $2.19/gallon

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