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Our customers know that our vision and commitment are reflected in the innovations we have made to deliver the ultimate in customer satisfaction, as they have since 1945. See for yourself what so many other residents of Central and Western Massachusetts have come to know as the Huhtala advantage.


At Huhtala Oil & Propane, we supply the full range of energy products. From Heating Oil Plus home heating oil to propane, HVAC service and installation, commercial energy products, and so much more, you can rely on Huhtala for ALL of your energy needs, all designed to put more money back in your packet and help protect the environment at the same time.


We continue to stay at the forefront of innovation in our industry, committed to providing our customers with state of the art high efficiency energy systems and energy products. Our employees receive the very best in ongoing training and education in order to serve you best.


And, what's more is that doing business with Huhtala Oil & Propane is hassle free! From monthly budget payments to automatic credit card payments, to scheduling service when it's convenient for you, Huhtala Oil & Propane takes the hassle out of having to deal with these things on your own. We are here for you, as your energy partner, every step of the way.


See for yourself and experience Huhtala Oil & Propane today.



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With Huhtala Oil & Propane the difference is in the service we provide. We offer a business built on integrity and a dedication to customer satisfaction. Give us a call today to find out what Huhtala Oil & Propane can do for you.

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Today's Cash Price

Heating Oil = $1.84/gallon for 150 gallons or more

Kerosene = $2.24/gallon for 100 gallons or more





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